Anonymous asked:

Halo halo!!! Just out of curiosity... How would jackson like make out with his gf?? Hahahhaha.... You don't have to answer this if you don't want to. By the way... Love this blog. ^_^

squishyscenarios answered:

halo halo is one of my favorite Filipino desserts, LOL

Making out with Jackson would be heaven. His hands would be roaming around your body nonstop, whether it be on your face, your hips, or his arms locked around your waist or neck— he would just be all over you. His kisses could either be hungry and fast or painfully slow and teasing so that you would be craving more action from him (either way he’s a huge tease). Man, this guy would love to pin you against the wall if you two were standing up, or if you two were lying/sitting down he would be hovering over you slightly as he makes out with you. He’d love to bite your lower lip a lot and you’d pretty much feel him smirking throughout the entire thing. Oooh, he’d love a lot of neck kissing, too.